Increase Sales By Avoiding the Silo Solutions of Your Competitors Through This One Selling Strategy

Imagine for a moment going to the doctor with some sort of illness or aliment. Does the doctor immediately tells you what is wrong and gives you the necessary prescriptions? Of course not!

Even if what you are suffering from is a high fever, he or she still confirms that fact by the use of a proven diagnostic assessment tool such as a thermometer. Most patients would be somewhat suspicious of any physician who did not issue some basic tests from X-Rays to blood work. After all you want to make sure that his or her recommendation is the best one possible because you do not want to have to return, wait an hour or more and then run out for another prescription or two.

Yet, each day hundreds of businesses are taking the advice to embrace this solution or that one without any confirmation (no tests) of the perceived problem or ailment. What this amounts to is malpractice to even malfeasance by those delivering the solutions (think products or services). Sales Training Coaching Tip: Not every business can deliver an assessment, but far more could embrace this approach through just a little more creativity.

However, by using the analogy of a doctor who first engages in scheduling a diagnostic is a great way to explain to the decision maker why this assessment action should be taken first before embracing any solution. Sales Training Coaching Tip: Have you ever had this thought “If I had only known that before I started (fill in the blank)? If so, then you probably needed to confirm what you thought to be true through an impartial clarification.

Individual diagnostic assessments such as DISC, 360s, Myers Briggs, Attribute Index etc., are well known in human resource departments for hiring and the performance evaluation process. The organizational instruments are more customized to industry. However many are aligned to national accepted standards such as Baldrige. Customer service surveys are another proven tool along with focus groups. Each of these assessing strategies helps to separate the known from the unknown.

Additional diagnostic tools exist for those in the real estate to insurance to financial fields. All of these instruments help you as the salesperson transition into more of the buying partner role because you have a perceived greater vested interest in delivering the right solution for the right results because you have identified the right problem.

By embracing this selling strategy as part of your overall sales approach helps to separate you from all those other folks selling their wares in the busy global marketplace, creates sustainable results for your clients or customers and will definitely increase sales.

Know What’s Hot On eBay To Plan A Selling Strategy

If you are thinking about it then I hope you will find this first series of articles for 2008 helpful. The first thing to do in order to make a successful start for selling on e-Bay is to find out what are some of the hottest items selling currently on internet auction sites. It is important to know what people are searching for on e-bay and want to buy most. The best way to do this would be by checking out eBay Pulse where a list of ten of the most searched items for every category followed by its sub-category is given. This is a safe way to buy, to make a resale later. Usually items most sought after are expensive and a bit difficult to find on daily searches. But it not impossible to locate them with patient searching. Use a book to make a note of such hot selling items and prepare a list for your purchase for reselling.

Another way of finding out hot selling brands is to watch TV. Every TV commercial for a brand would be an indirect advertisement working for you when you are also selling the same brand. You can get good prices for the items you sell on e-Bay if they have good advertisement coverage on the TV. Other places to search for popularly selling brands are malls and company stores/outlets. It is useful to search though mall and stores to find out what is being sold and the customer response. A lot of other useful information can be gained by checking out the websites of popular brands.

While formulating your selling strategy you must keep in mind that a number of people take purchase decisions on weekends. At other times during the week people usually lack time for shopping on account of pressing engagements related to work. Shopping is best done at leisure and the best time seems to be late Sunday evenings Eastern Time, between nine and eleven; for that is also when the time when most internet buyers browse various auction sites. This is the time that your auction gets the maximum exposure.

Always make sure that you have an adequate number of good pictures taken from different angles to accompany the description of the article on the server being used. Good pictures are the most important components of your sales page. Also, design your sales page in a manner that induces the visitor to place a bid. He has already shown his interest by clicking on your listing. Any flashing animation, bells, multicolored texts are a strict no no in page designing for an auction sale. Just make the page attractive, and interesting in order to net a sale. When you plan to buy or sell a product on e-bay or any other auction site you must intelligently plan your strategy and make sure to avoid common mistakes.